9 ways to get the most out of your Clubcard

As well as great savings on their shopping each month, Clubcard members can reap a whole heap of benefits outside of our stores. Here are some of the great rewards that you might be missing out on, but could soon enjoy.

9 ways to get the most out of your Clubcard

1.Clubcard vouchers

For Clubcard members, it all starts with those vouchers you get in the post each month. You accumulate points when you spend with Tesco. We then add these up and once you've reached 150 points, you will start to receive vouchers with your Clubcard statement. You’ll get money off vouchers for your next shop in-store as well as some coupons for special offers.

As part of Clubcard Boost you can get even more value out of your monthly Clubcard vouchers when you choose to convert them into vouchers to enjoy dining, leisure or travel activities with our partners. €5 in Clubcard vouchers could be boosted up to as much as €20 for you and your family to enjoy!  

2.Grab a bite to eat

Boost your vouchers to enjoy a tasty meal in a number of top restaurants in Ireland. Whether it’s pizza, a hot drink or even a refreshing smoothie you fancy, it’s all possible with your Clubcard.   

3.Days out

Take a gamble that the sun will shine and convert those points into some fantastic family days out. Swimming, exploring, bowling and more can be enjoyed when you boost.

4.Tesco Mobile

If you’re a Tesco Mobile customer you can turn your Clubcard vouchers into a triple value Tesco Mobile Pay Monthly tokens or Pay as You Go tokens. Another great reason to switch to Tesco Mobile.

5.Hotel stay

Did you know that your Clubcard vouchers can even be used to help fund a hotel stay? €10 in Clubcard tokens can be boosted to €40 worth of tokens that can be used in international and Irish hotels.


Are you saving to buy a special gift for your significant other or a family member? Then you best not forget that you can boost your Clubcard vouchers with Moores Jewellers of Cork to help subsidise that special purchase.  

7.Utility bills

Bord Gáis customers can get €5 off their home energy bills when they boost their Clubcard tokens. Learn more about the three easy steps to redeem this offer.

8.Christmas savings

Opt to be a Christmas Saver to save your vouchers throughout the year and receive them in time for Christmas. Plus, you'll get a bonus voucher when you top up with €50.

9.Benefits for babies

As a Clubcard member, you can join our Tesco Loves Baby Club and get expert advice and information at every stage from pregnancy to toddler. There’s even a library of child friendly recipes for you to enjoy.

What are you waiting for? You can learn more about how to sign up for Clubcard and how to enjoy more savings today.