8 Outdoor Party Games for a Picnic

At your next summer picnic, have an action-packed and fun-filled day with these tried and tested outdoor party games. 

games in the park

1. Frisbee Rounders

No need for a bat and ball – play rounders with a frisbee instead. The ‘batter’ throws the frisbee as far as they can before running around the bases, while the fielding team aims to retrieve it and stump the player out before they can make a home run.

2. Clap and Catch

Everyone stands in a circle while someone in the middle throws a ball randomly at players. The chosen catcher has to clap before catching the ball – if they fail, they have to place one hand behind their back until they successfully catch the ball on their next turn. Fail to catch twice and you’re out!


3. Treasure Hunt

Print out nature hunt sheets containing pictures of common outdoor objects like leaves and feathers and pebbles. You can even print out sheets, which detail the sounds you hear in nature. 

The hunters simply have to track down all the items on their list. The first one to gather everything and return them to base wins!

4. Blanket Volleyball

Turn those picnic blankets into a fun game. Divide into two teams and use two blankets to launch a ball from one team to the other, just like volleyball.

5. I’m Going on a Picnic

Sit everyone down in a circle, and begin by saying “I’m going on a picnic and I’m bringing _____”. The next person repeats the phrase, but has to remember your object as well as saying their own.

Continue going round, with each person adding an object until people start forgetting. Whoever can remember the most wins.

6. Two Truths One Lie

Get to know everyone at the picnic by taking turns saying two truths and one lie about yourself. The others will have to guess which one’s a lie, based on your fibbing skills and what they already know about you.

7. Hot Potato Hide and Seek

Rather than having one person spend ages finding everyone, the person who’s found becomes the next seeker. Use a tennis ball as a ‘hot potato’ to signify the person seeking.

8. Fruit Bowl

Everyone stands in a circle and gets labelled with one of four fruits (you might have three bananas, three oranges, three pears and three apples, for example).

Shout out the fruits at random, and everyone who’s labelled with that fruit has to run and switch places with another. Shout out ‘fruit bowl’ and EVERYONE has to run and find a new place. There’s no winners, but lots of fun!