7 ways to clean with vinegar

Did you know that vinegar can make cleaning around your home much easier? From cleaning microwaves and windows to descaling mugs, here are some of our favourite applications for vinegar.

Cleaning with vinegar

1. Clean windows with vinegar

Give grubby windows an easy clean. Mix together equal parts of vinegar and water, apply to a cloth and wipe away the dirt. Add a drop of vanilla extract for a more pleasant scent.

2. Clean away bathroom mould

Damp bathrooms can be a breeding ground for mould and mildew, but you needn’t put up with it. Blast it away with the same water-vinegar solution, or try undiluted vinegar for tricky areas.

3. Use vinegar to remove limescale

While you’re in the bathroom, get rid of unsightly dirt and limescale with some more neat vinegar - it’s great at shifting even the most stubborn stains.

4. Eco-friendly furniture polish

Furniture polish made with chemicals can leave toxins floating around your home. Mix equal parts vinegar and olive oil for an eco-friendly alternative. Works great on most furniture, but be sure to test the solution on a small patch that’s out of sight (just in case).

5. Use vinegar to clean chopping boards

Give your boards a speedy clean with a cloth soaked in vinegar, then wash as normal. The vinegar disinfects the surface, so you can be sure of maximum kitchen hygiene next time you cook.

6. Vinegar in the microwave

It has the amazing ability to blitz food stains and the smell of last night’s dinner from your microwave. Fill a microwavable bowl to halfway with water, add several drops of vinegar, heat it up until it’s boiling, remove the bowl and wipe your microwave’s interior sparkly clean.

7. Descale your favourite mug

Regular coffee and tea breaks eventually lead to ugly brown stains on the inside of your cup. Guess which magic ingredient gets rid of them? You guessed it: splash in a generous drizzle of vinegar, fill it up with hot water, leave to soak for an hour and then wash as usual. Your trusty mug will be as good as new.