7 Sporty Father's Day Game Ideas

Give Dad the gift of fun this Father's Day. Fill a shoebox with cool sporty items, then head outside to play one of these games

father's day sports

1. Frisbee Noughts and Crosses

  • Use duct tape to make a grid on an spare sheet
  • Mark six frisbees with ‘X’s and six with ‘O’s
  • With players or teams choosing to play either X or O, they throw from behind a line
  • Missing the grid or landing on an occupied square forfeits a turn

2. Balloon Stomp

  • Tie one end of a metre-long piece of string to the player's ankle
  • Tie the other end to an inflated balloon
  • On ‘go!’ everyone attempts to stomp and burst another’s balloon, saving their own
  • The last un-popped player wins

3. Obstacle Run

  • Scramble through a pop-up tunnel or an no-longer-needed duvet cover slit open at both ends
  • Limbo under a broom resting on chairs
  • Hop the rungs of a laid-down ladder
  • Zigzag through eight plant pots or buckets of sand
  • Hurdle five rolled up beach towels
  • Fastest time triumphs

4. Ladder Game

  • Lay a step ladder on the ground and label the rungs with points, 10 to 100
  • Fill a few socks with rice, and then tie each of them closed tightly with string or ribbon
  • Each player tosses a sock to land on a rung to score
  • Winner is the one with the most points in an allotted time

5. Water Pistol Rifle Range

On an upturned box, line up plastic cups weighted with a little sand and use water pistols to shoot them down for points. If it’s super hot, write points on stickers instead and cool everyone down by using people as moving targets.Reduce the heat even more with these easy ways to keep cool this summer.

6. Head, Tail, Tag

  • Players line up, hands on the shoulders of the person in front
  • The first person is the head, the last is the tail
  • The aim is for the head to tag the tail – if they succeed, they become the tail
  • Time each bout and the tail that lasts longest is the winner

7. And Don’t Forget the Doze Zone

AKA the ‘pit lane’ for worn-out dads. Rig up a portable gazebo over rugs, cushions, snacks and cold refreshments. Learn how to chill drinks quickly with this simple hack. then simply add a radio tuned into his favourite programme, sport or soundtrack et voilà; Dad heaven!