7 kitchen shortcuts using a NutriBullet

We’re always looking out for new ways to save you time on shopping, cooking and other household activities to give you more time to spend with your family. So we hope you’ll like these hassle saving tips you can enjoy if you own a NutriBullet or a similar food processor.

Source: http://www.originalnutribullet.com.au/assets/Uploads/home/introduction-image.jpg

1. Make soup

Are you a fan of homemade soup but can’t seem to find the time to make it? Well, a whir and a whizz is all you need to blend your favourite fresh veg and other soup ingredients together (such as milk or dairy substitutes). Simply heat the mix later in the microwave and serve.

2. No peeling

One of the most popular features of the NutriBullet is that you don’t have to peel the veg before you put it in to make a smoothie or a soup. Skins and stems are all pulverised, making it an all-round easier blend. It’s a good idea to peel very thick skinned fruit or veg before putting them in the NutriBullet, especially simple-peel fruits like bananas. Don’t forget to wash all fruit and veg before blending.

3. Frozen summer fruit smoothies 

If you’re looking for a refreshing alternative to fizzy or alcoholic beverages, then why not have a go at making your own ice cold smoothies? For the perfect smoothie ingredients, you can buy a bag of frozen fruit from the freezer aisle or you can slice up some fresh fruit before it goes out of date and freeze it in sandwich bags. All that’s left to do is pop it in and enjoy your delicious guilt free treat.

4. Crush ice with a NutriBullet   

This is a food hack if ever we heard one. If your NutriBullet is rinsed clean and doesn’t have any fruit or veg residue in it, you can use it to crush ice. Put the hand crank ice crusher away, the NutriBullet is your new best friend.

5. Make nut butter

It’s not just smoothies and soups that you can make in the NutriBullet, you can even make butter from certain nuts. One popular choice is almond butter. All you need is ½ cup almonds, 1 pinch sea salt and ½ tablespoon of almond oil.

Whizz all the ingredients until you get a creamy texture and then — voila, your very own nut butter.

6. Make your own marinades

Take your culinary skill to the next level when you have a go at making your own marinades and spice mixes. Using the NutriBullet’s milling blade you can break ingredients like dried chillies, garlic and fresh coriander down to a fine size that can be used to coat meat or even make stock for curries.

7. Pasta sauce

If you’re a lover of herby tomato sauces in your pasta dishes, then the NutriBullet is for you. Take a break from the jar of sauce and say hello to chopped or whole tomatoes and mixed herbs. You’ll have your own restaurant quality sauce in no time.

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