7 gluten free swaps for your favourite summer foods

The summer is quickly approaching and for coeliacs this means taking extra care when selecting your good weather-inspired snacks and drinks. Don’t let food envy take hold when you see your friends eat anything they want all summer long, here are 7 summer food alternatives that are gluten free.

7 gluten free swaps for your favourite summer foods

1.Ice-cream cones

Don’t be the only one missing out on the sensation of a cone melting on your hand in the warm Irish summer rain. Be on the look out for these gluten and dairy free ice-cream cones


If Ireland does manage to get some sun in its summer season, there’s nothing quite like a beer out the back garden. Now, coeliacs can join in on the toast with a cold bottle of Daura Damm Gluten Free beer


Gluten contaminating meat at home is always a risk because of cross cooking practices, but thankfully there are some great gluten free sausages you can bring with you to the BBQ. Why not, put a pack of Clonakilty Gluten Free Ispini Mora into your shopping basket? 

4.Burger buns

If you’re not up for a ‘burger salad’ this summer, be on the look out for any fun swaps you can do instead of burger buns. Gluten free baps or gluten free brown seeded rolls are a great alternative. 

5.Ketchup and Mayonnaise

If you’re a coeliac, then chances are you know that many popular condiments can contain gluten.  Look out for gluten free ketchup and gluten free mayonnaise when you do your shop. 


Pizza is one of the handiest things to serve when friends get together and now there are gluten free versions available with some of your favourite toppings. It’s frozen so you don’t even have to make it from scratch. 


Mexican food used to be difficult for coeliacs because it meant having to source lots of different gluten free ingredients for one meal. Now you can get a complete gluten free fajita set that gives you the wraps, salsa and seasoning all in one box.