6 Ways to Save Money on Your Heating Bills

Here are six steps to help you keep your house warm during the cold autumn and winter nights, without having to crank up the thermostat.


1. Use Bubble Wrap as Insulation

This cheap plastic is brilliant for preventing drafts from windows and still lets light through. Cut the bubble wrap to size, then spray the window with water before placing it, bubbly side down, across the glass. The larger the bubbles, the better.

2. Make hand warmers

Odd socks in your drawer? Turn them into microwavable hand warmers so you avoid turning the heating on or up. Watch the how-to video below.

3. Heat up the Kitchen

Keep the microwave and oven doors ajar after cooking to allow leftover heat to warm up the kitchen.

4. Four-Minute Showers

Reduce the time you spend in the shower to four minutes and you can cut down on your heating bill and water consumption.

5. Maximise Winter Sun

Keep curtains or blinds open on the south and west sides of your home during the day and allow the natural sunlight to warm your home.

6. Dial Back your Thermostat

You can save roughly 3% on your heating bill for every degree you turn down on your thermostat. Give it a go and see how much money you can save.