The 5 biggest mistakes people make cooking steak

There’s nothing like the peace of mind you get when you talk to the in-store experts at the meat counter at Tesco. If only they could be on hand at home when you’re writing up the shopping list and planning your meals for the week! From advice on the different cuts of meat to cooking or prepping suggestions, it’s handy to talk to someone in the know who can answer any questions you might have. With this in mind we’ve put together 5 of the biggest mistakes people make when cooking steak and set things straight so you can enjoy cooking and eating with maximum satisfaction.

5 biggest mistakes when cooking steak

1. Fridge to pan

We understand that every second matters when you are in a hurry to get the dinner ready but trust us that your steak will taste even better if you let it stand at room temperature for 20 mins before cooking. This is known as tempering.

We talk through how you can properly temper and season prime cuts such as our finest* Irish Angus Fillet Steak here.

2. Too much sauce

There are some condiments and serving sauces that are lovely paired with steak, but that doesn’t mean you need to smother the natural flavour of the steak or cancel out the seasoning.

Why not serve this Tesco finest* Irish Angus Sirloin with only a small bit of pepper sauce on the side in a ramekin dish?

3. Cold pans

Have you ever cracked an egg on the frying pan that wasn’t properly oiled or hot? What happens is your egg sticks to the pan while it cooks. If you do this with a steak, the pan isn’t hot enough to sear the meat and the blood and juice is lost from the steak. The result is a grey dry steak outside and in.  Cook this Tesco finest* Irish Angus Ribbon Eye piping hot on the pan with some groundnut or rapeseed oil.

4. Stop the presses

If you like your steak well done, you might be guilty of using a pan or a spatula to press down on the meat to speed the cooking process along. Stop this immediately. You want to keep as much of the fat and oil inside the steak as possible. If you’re a well done person or a very well done person, you simply need to wait so you can enjoy the most succulent steak possible.

5. Leave the fat for now

If you like to enjoy your steak with the fat rind removed, cut it off after you have finished cooking. Leaving the fat on during cooking gives the meat extra flavour and allows it to cook in more of its own juices. Also, if you have tried to cut the fat off raw meat, you'll know how difficult an exercise that can be. Make it easier on yourself and wait until this delicious Tesco finest* Irish Angus Strip Loin Steak is done before you slice off the fat cap.

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