6 amazing frozen food essentials

Save time and money when you swap out fresh foods for these frozen essentials. Stop worrying about shelf life and rest safe in the knowledge that you have a 'plan b' waiting in the freezer on those busy days.

1. Vegetables

While some vegetables like onions are best left fresh, others like peas, carrots, sweet corn and spinach are perfect for freezing. Big bags of frozen veg can cost much less and will last much longer in the freezer than if you buy the veg fresh. They also retain their nutrients in the freezer and thaw quickly on the hot pan or in boiling water.

2. Fruit

Anyone who enjoys a smoothie will love the convenience of frozen bags of fruit. Whether it's blitzed summer fruits or sliced banana, the pieces will whizz around no bother in a food processor or smoothie maker. If you have bought more fresh fruit than you needed, you can slice it up and put it in ziplock bags before putting it in the freezer.

3. Beef Mince

As well as freezing fresh mince as soon as you buy it, you should also be on the look out for frozen meat in-store in the freezer aisles. Use exactly the amount you need, and then pop it back in the freezer for a future meal.

4. Fish

For fish pies, fish stews or fish curries, frozen fish is best. It’s much cheaper and perfect for busy people, as it can be cooked straight from the freezer. Bear in mind that if you plan on roasting, frying or steaming your fish, you’re better off with fresh.

5. Pastry

Did you know that you can freeze your pastries before baking them? Pie lids and apple tart crusts are perfect for freezing once rolled and formed.

The same goes for pizza dough for homemade pizzas. Once made, shape the dough into bap shapes and put on a tray. Cover in cling-film and then freeze.

6. Curry paste

Do you have your own secret red or green curry paste recipe that's full of flavour? Well you can put the effort into one batch, one time and then enjoy again and again. Whip up a pot full then spoon into ziplock bags. When you want to enjoy a portion, simply take one bag out and leave to defrost. Once thawed, mix in with coconut milk, veg and other desired ingredients for a tasty, homemade curry in no time.

frozen food essentials