10 ways to save money for your summer holidays

Here are some handy tips to help you and your family save some money to spend on your summer holidays. There are savings to made all around you, from your weekly shopping to the way you drive your car.

10 ways to save money for your summer holidays

1. Bus fare bursary

Is your daily commute to the train station, office or school walkable if the weather is nice? Give public transport a break for a while and pop the money that you would normally spend on bus fare into a jar every morning on the way out the door. Imagine the thrill of counting it all up a week before you go away. Exciting times!

2. Early closing time

All going well, you’ll hopefully enjoy a late night or two on your summer holidays. To ensure these evenings are fully funded you can trim an hour from any nights out in the pub on the build up to your departure. Alternatively, you can choose nights in over nights out. Pass the savings into your holiday fund.

3. Get phone smart

If you can get to grips with aspects of your phone bill such as roaming and surplus data charges you can save a few euro by making sure you don’t go over your fixed plan. Connect to WiFi at any chance you get to avoid maxing out your data allowance. If you’re going travelling, check your roaming settings before you go to the airport. Make sure 'data when roaming' is set to off.

4. Drive cheaper

By making sure your car is in good running order you can reward your wallet over time. The better order your car is in the more fuel efficient its engine can be. Make sure each tyre has adequate tyre pressure before you set off on a drive and clean your car’s air filters regularly. Clogged air filters and low tyre pressure can cause your car to burn more petrol quicker.

Make sure to remove any unnecessary weight from the car as the heavier the car is the more petrol it has to burn to reach regular speeds. Remove things like golf clubs from the boot of the car on days when they are not being used.

5. Turn off those red lights

Trim the costs of your electricity bills by turning off all appliances that aren’t in use. Get out of the habit of putting things on standby mode for the sake of convenience. You can also go one step further and swap out your light bulbs for energy saving bulbs.  

6. Be TV savvy

Have a look at your TV subscription package and see if there are any add-ons that you don’t need but are currently paying for. For example, sports, movies or kids packages that were ordered by people who don’t live in the house anymore could be cancelled and reduce your bill.

7. Collect coins

Remember the excitement of having a collection of something as a kid? Marbles? Stickers? Stamps? Well, relive that excitement with this next tip! Choose a coin to collect; 50c, €1 or if you're feeling brave €2. Every time you get one of these, keep it and pop it in a jar at home. Build your fund even faster by swapping change with your friends and family. Before you know it they'll be saving your favourite coin for you too! You'll be surprised at the amount you can save up for something nice.

8. Coffee cut back

We’re all guilty of including a few non essentials in our daily spend. For some people the temptation of a morning hot drink from our favourite coffee shop, even though we know that there’s coffee and tea in the kitchen at work, is one such vice. Go two weeks without this morning stop off and see what the extra coins in your pocket add up to.

9. Conduct a health check on your bills

Use price comparison websites to see if you could be paying less on things like car or home insurance. This could help you make savings on your monthly expenditure whether you have a savings goal in mind or not. You could use the same tactic when it comes to choosing flights or accommodation for your holidays. You could start off your savings journey on a positive from the very start.

10.Choose Staying Down Prices

We’re making it easier for you to make savings with our Staying Down Prices. Enjoy these savings on everyday favourites that help build your family’s favourite meals each week and watch your money go further.

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