Clubcard Prices - FAQs

Tesco Clubcard Prices FAQ

What are Clubcard Prices?

Clubcard Prices reward our Clubcard members with exclusive deals in-store (excluding Express stores) and online. To get Clubcard Prices, simply scan your Clubcard app or tap your Clubcard/key fob at the checkout. If you're shopping online, you'll need to have a Clubcard number on your account in order to avail of Clubcard pricing and your delivery must be within the timeframe to get the lower price. Delivery charges may apply.

What are the terms and conditions?

You'll need a Clubcard to take advantage of Clubcard Prices. You must be 18 or over to register for a Clubcard. Clubcard Prices are available in-store (excluding Express stores) and online. They are subject to availability. Prices may vary and delivery charges may apply. To qualify in-store, you must scan your Clubcard app or tap your Clubcard/key fob at the time of purchase. ​

Enjoy alcohol responsibly. Maximum purchase of two alcoholic products per customer. For all other products maximum purchase of 6 per customer. Subject to availability. Excludes Express Stores. 

I’m not a Clubcard member. How can I get Clubcard Prices?

You have to have a Clubcard to get Clubcard Prices. It's easy to join and you'll get a ton of other great benefits too! You'll need to be 18 or over to join. Simply go to register and follow the steps.  It takes 40 seconds and your card appears on your phone.  Then you can start using your Clubcard straight away – just scan your Clubcard from your phone at the checkout if you're shopping in-store. For online Clubcard prices will not be shown in your basket upon checking out. However, if you have a Clubcard added to your account and you have placed your order for delivery/collection within the eligible promotion dates, you will be charged the Clubcard pricing on the day you receive your order.

How do I register my Clubcard to my Tesco online account?

To register your Clubcard to your Tesco online account simply sign into your account on, click on ‘My Account’ in the top banner and then add your Clubcard account via ‘Your Clubcard details’.

How do I know if a product has a Clubcard Price when I shop in-store or online?

In-store, we'll clearly mark products with a yellow Clubcard Price label; you'll also see the regular price. For online products, we'll show the regular price and the Clubcard Price alongside the offer.

What if I forget my Clubcard when shopping in-store?

To get Clubcard Prices, you must scan your Clubcard or tap your Clubcard/key fob at the checkout.

I’m shopping online but I can’t see the Clubcard Price in my basket when I check out. Where can I see them?

Clubcard Prices may not show in your basket or at checkout when shopping online. But don't worry, as long as you have a Clubcard on your account you'll only pay the Clubcard Price. You'll see it on the receipt when your shopping is delivered or collected.

Is there an expiry date on these offers?

Yes, offers are valid from 28/04/21 until 04/05/21. See in-store & online for details. ​

For online; you will need to have the products in your order for delivery or collection between 28/04/21 until 04/05/21 to avail of the promotional price.​

Is there a quota on these offers?

Yes, customer quotas apply. See in-store, or online alongside each Clubcard price offer for individual quotas.

Maximum purchase of two alcoholic products per customer. For all other products maximum purchase of 6 per customer. Subject to availability. Excludes Express Stores. ​

Does it cost money to join Clubcard?

No, Clubcard is free to join and you will not incur any additional charges by holding a Clubcard.