About our range

Through Everyday Value, Standard Brand and Tesco Finest* we offer you a range of products that suit every purse but maintain the highest standards of quality of freshness and taste.


Tesco Everyday Value 

When you’re shopping for your family, we know every little helps, be it value for money or taste-tested quality across a wide variety of products.

This promise is especially true of our Everyday Value range. When you see the Everyday Value logo on products in-store or online, you’re getting trusted quality goods that still fit a low budget.

We have carefully crafted Tesco Everyday Value to make sure that you can experience this quality on essential everyday products and at a higher quality than you would normally expect for the price.

Also it’s good to know that as with all of our Tesco food, there’s no MSG or no artificial colours or flavours in any of our Everyday Value products.



Tesco Standard Brand


Tesco Standard Brand dismisses the idea that only a branded product can offer quality. Through our Standard Brand we bring you improved quality on lifelong shopping favourites at a competitive price.

We’re proud to give you one of the most comprehensive ‘own brand’ ranges available in Ireland, offering an alternative choice of good quality products – week in, week out.



Tesco finest*

Food is our passion, and one of the ways we show that passion is through our Tesco finest* range.

When you purchase food from our Tesco finest* range, you’re experiencing a demonstration of the care and expertise that we can offer on top of the quality and value for money you have come to expect across our other ranges.

Our products often achieve ‘best-in-class’ and many individual products are award winning. This is done by putting the range through an even more-stringent testing and tasting process to ensure that you have the very best dining experience possible.

We promise that whenever you see the Tesco finest* logo, you’ll experience our commitment and passion to create high quality, handcrafted products that set the standard in taste.


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