Meet our pig farmer

Peader Kelly’s family farm in Co. Roscommon, known locally as Kelly’s Pig Farm, has been running for almost 40 years and supplies Tesco with delicious pork sausage meat. Find out what life’s like on a pig farm and exactly what goes into producing high quality pork that makes the tastiest sausages around.



Meet our pig farmer Peader Kelly

How many pigs do you look after?

We farm 220 sows and their young. All my sows are a breed called landrace x large white. We use these as they have a good temperament, very prolific with good growth rates and are good meat quality. These are the pigs which will be later selected for Tesco sausages.

How do you ensure their welfare?

All my pigs are Bord Bia quality assured which means they are produced to the highest welfare standards. We also work closely with our vet, who helps us with any health concerns we may have and conducts a report on welfare every 12 weeks. We provide the pigs with environmental enrichment (toys!) which keeps them healthy and happy.

Do you like sausages?

I love sausages! I generally have a standard pork sausage. Usually I’ll have sausages in the morning for breakfast if I have a busy day getting pigs ready for sale. They keep me full and provide me with the energy required for the rest of the day.

How do you like to cook sausages?

I would generally cook them on a pan and have some tea and brown bread with them. I wouldn’t use sauce as I prefer to taste the meat in the sausages!


 peader kelly

Peader Kelly. Farmer


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