Meet our Irish Angus Cattle Supplier: Phil Purcell

Farmer Phil Purcell has been rearing Certified Irish Angus cattle for Tesco since 1999. He works hard to make sure that all of the heifers at the 180 acre Mount Bruis Farm in Co. Tipperary are of the highest quality and meet strict welfare standards.

Meet our Irish Angus Cattle Supplier: Phil Purcell

How long has your family been farming cattle?

A long time! My grandfather bought this farm in 1892, and he handed over the reins to my father.

What's your favourite part of the job?

Twice a week, I visit the cattle market to buy Angus heifers. There's always a buzz there, and it's also a chance to catch up with the other farmers.

What's so great about Angus heifers?

They are smaller than many cattle, which means that the meat is very tender and also the perfect size for steaks – it is really of a very good quality.

How do you make sure your Angus heifers are healthy?

I always say that if you're good to cattle, they'll be good to you. So every week we move them on to different paddocks so they can graze on fresh grass, which is very important.

Do you eat your own steaks?

I do indeed. I love steak because there's no waste – when you have finished your plate is completely empty, and that makes it good value for the price.


phil purcell

Phil Purcell, Farmer