Faces behind the food: Perfect pork

We speak to local producers, all passionate about their work, who offer a behind the-scenes look into the food at your local Tesco store. Their pride in making quality Irish products is obvious, as we hear about early starts, vegetables as part of the family (kind of!) and the love and care ploughed into the farms. Working with Tesco is a vital part of the process – together they ensure the food that ends up in your basket is the best it can be. It’s time to go on a food journey.

Perfect pork

Cathal Brady helps out as a farm attendant at Hyde Park Pig Farm in Killucan, Co. Westmeath. The farm, run by his dad Sean, has been supplying Tesco with pork and bacon for 10 years.

‘I’ve assisted on the farm for about a decade and find working with the pigs highly rewarding,’ says Cathal.

‘My tasks include making sure the sows and their newborns are comfortable. I also check on the older piglets, who we feed a mix of wheat, barley, soya bean, vitamins and minerals.

‘Their healthy diets and the fact that the pigs can move about freely in their pens help contribute to a leaner cut of meat.

‘We rear a cross between a landrace pig and a large white, which also contributes to a better tasting product. We receive weekly feedback to ensure our meat is the correct grading and weight for Tesco.

‘It’s special making a quality Irish product while working with your family.’

‘The pigs are looked after to a high standard of welfare and fed a good quality diet’

‘The diet and lifestyle of our animals come first’


Faces behind the food: Perfect pork