How to Fold a Bunny Napkin

Delight your guests this Easter with this clever napkin folding idea. All you need is a paper or fabric napkin and some string.

how to fold a bunny shaped napkin

You will need:

Paper or fabric napkin

Decorative string or ribbon

Step 1

Begin with a square napkin: smooth out and fold twice to make a long rectangle.

bunny napkin 1

Step 2 

With the rectangle horizontal in front of you, take the left corner and fold inwards and upwards along the centre line.

Repeat with the right corner.

bunny napkin 2

Step 3 

Next, take both top corners and fold into the centre to create a diamond shape.

bunny napkin 3

Step 4

From the top of the napkin, fold both left and right points inwards to create a kite-like shape.

Then turn the napkin over.

bunny napkin 4

Step 5

Turn up the bottom point so it sits in the middle to make a triangle. Then flip the napkin over again.

bunny napkin 5

Step 6

To secure, push the left corner into the pocket of the right corner.

Tie a bow around the base using string or ribbon and spread out the ears.

bunny napkin 6

Step 7 

Add the napkin to your Easter table setting to surprise your guests.