Make Your Own Laser Maze

Don’t let the rain put off your family’s Easter fun. This laser maze can be set up with ease in no time. All you need to get started is some crepe paper, masking tape or Blu-Tack and two walls. Can you make your way through the maze without tearing the paper?

You will need

-Two rolls of red crepe paper

-A packet of Blu-Tack or a roll of masking tape

lazer maze


How to build a lazer maze

Find an area in your home where you can set up the maze such as a hallway.

Take the roll of crepe paper and attach one end to a wall at a height.

Now roll the crepe paper to the low part of the other wall.

Cut the paper and attach.

On the same wall stick one end of the paper at a height and roll and attach to a low part of the other wall.

Move down the wall and repeat the process several times until you have a play area similar to the picture.

Easter games laser maze

How to play

Start at one end of the hall. Crawl, step and contort yourself through the maze to the other end without ripping the crepe paper!

You can do time trials, go in teams or just go it alone.

The person who rips the paper or makes it unstick loses. They also have to set up the next game.