Make Your Own Flower Pot Faces

Have a go at making these bunny flower pots to give your garden a dash of Easter cheer. These petite pots can even find a place on your kitchen windowsill, simply put a small saucer underneath to catch any draining water. Follow the step by step guide below to get started.

Easter activity flower pot faces

You will need:

-1 empty plastic 2 litre bottle

-A pair of scissors

-A felt tip black marker

-Some paint brushes

-Acrylic paint (Pink, white and black colours)

-Stick on eyes from the arts and crafts store

-Craft glue


Step 1

step 1

Take the lid off the empty bottle and create 3 or 4 small drainage holes in the bottom of the bottle using a scissors or a screwdriver. 

Using the felt tip marker, draw a line around the bottle and draw two ear shapes on the front working space.

Be sure not to make the ears too narrow; Wider ears will be easier to paint.

Step 2

step 2

Make a tiny hole just north of the black line. Put the tip of the scissors in and start to cut on the line. When finished, you should only have the bottom part of the bottle with the ears sticking out as pictured above.

Step 3 

step 4

Add a coat of acrylic white paint to the outside surface of the plastic.

Once all the area is covered, leave the plastic to dry for 30 minutes.

If you need to add a second coat of white, another 30 minutes of drying time is required before you progress to the next step.  

Step 4

Step 5

Now that you've allowed the white paint to dry, it's time to add the pink. Paint a long pink strip in the middle of each white ear and add a single pink dot for the nose. 


Step 5

step 6

Attach the stick on eyes to the plastic as shown in the picture.

If the eyes do not have their own adhesive you can carefully apply some craft glue to the back of each eye.

Step 6

step 7

Using a thin felt tip black marker draw some tiny whiskers and the smile.

If you want to give your bunny rosy cheeks you can add two more drops of pink under the eyes.

Step 7

flower pot feature 2

Now all that's left to do is to slot in your favourite potted plant.