Easter Decorating Tips

Give your home an Easter makeover with these handy homemade decorations. Whether you're making an Easter egg mobile or Easter bunny place names, there's some fun crafting to be had by you and your family.

Easter Table Decor

Easter egg mobile

easter table decor 02

What you need



-PVA glue

-Poster paints


-Plastic loops from the craft shop


-Craft glue


How to make 

(Option 1)

-Take an egg and using a sewing needle make two very small holes at the end

-Let the contents of the egg drain

-If you can, rinse the inside with some water

-Attach a plastic loop to the bottom of the egg with some craft glue

-Paint the egg with the poster paint

-Attach the string to the loop to hang

(Option 2)

-Follow the first four steps from above

-Mix some PVA glue (2 parts water, 1 part glue)

-Paint around the egg with the glue

-Dip the egg in glitter

-Let it dry

-Attach the string to the loop to hang and watch it sparkle!

Easter bunny place names

easter table decor 03


What you need

-A4 sheet of card (fits 4 bunnies)

-Felt tip black marker

-Pom poms with an adhesive back from the craft shop


How to make

-Click on the image of the Easter bunny place names or click here and a template will appear in a new tab

-Print out the template and cut out the bunny shape

-Put the template against some white card

-Draw around it

-Cut out the bunny shape from the card

-Write the name using the marker

-Stick on the furry pom pom tail

-Fold over the crease