Easter Bingo Walks

Print off your bingo walks cards and enjoy this modern take on I-SPY with your family. Play at the beach, forest or town.

How to Play

-It couldn't be easier to get started on your bingo walk.
-First thing you need to do is print off your bingo cards by clicking here.  
-Keep an eye out for all the objects that are on your card.
-Be sure to shout out their names when you see them and cross them off your card with a pencil.
-When there's only one item left on your page say: "last one".
-When you get every single item shout: "BINGO" to win the game.

Bingo walks for the family

At the Beach

Sea life, animals, fashion accessories and more await you down by the sea. What will you see first?

Maybe footprints, because you can see your own and check them off the list for a quick win.

Beach Bingo


In the Forest

 If you haven't got a forest nearby you can just head to the local park.

Don't fall over that tree stump when you're checking it off your list!



In the City

Bingo walks can even be enjoyed when you are sitting in the car, the bus or the train.

Keep the kids busy on shopping trips by keeping some bingo walk cards handy. 

town bingo