Easy Papier-Mâché Easter Eggs

A colourful and fun-to-make spring decoration, which you can fill with secret treats for the ultimate Easter egg hunt. 

Easter Papier Mache Egg

You will need:

Water balloons or regular balloons
PVA glue
Tissue paper
Shot glass or egg cup
Paint brush
Small treats such as chocolate chicks or eggs

papier mache easter eggs 1

Step 1

Blow up the water balloons to roughly the same size and tie the ends.

paper mache easter eggs 2

Step 2

Mix 3 parts glue to one part water. Choose your base tissue paper colour for the egg and cut into small squares. Cut small triangle shapes from another colour to decorate.

paper mache eastereggs 3

Step 3

Rest a balloon on a shot glass or egg cup and glue the tissue paper squares to the balloon, covering it in several layers. Leave the knotted end exposed so you can remove the balloon later. Repeat with the other balloons. Reserve some tissue for step 7.

paper mache easter eggs step 4

Step 4

Glue on the triangle shapes to decorate each balloon. Tie a length of string to each balloon's knot and hang from a washing line using a peg. Leave to dry.

paper mache easter eggs step 5

Step 5

Use a needle to carefully pierce through each balloon – you don’t want the balloon to pop as it could damage the papier mache – it should slowly deflate instead. Once deflated, carefully remove the balloons from the knotted end.

paper mache easter eggs step 6

Step 6

Snip a small hole at the top of the papier mache egg where you removed the balloon and insert a few treats.

paper mache eastereggs 7

Step 7

Lay a length of string over the hole and glue a few layers of tissue paper over the top to secure the string and close the hole. Repeat with the other eggs and leave them to dry.

paper mache eastereggs 8

Step 8

Tie the ends of the string together to form a loop and hang your little Easter decorations around the home and garden. Everyone will love cracking open the eggs to find the treats.