Easter Games for Any Weather

Your perfectly planned Easter egg hunt has gone down a treat, but more games are required to entertain your youngsters. Here are some of our favourite indoor and outdoor games that will keep them occupied for the rest of their holidays.

Outdoor games

We hope that 'Plan A' comes together and you actually get to spend some time outside this Easter. So with fingers crossed, here are our favourite outdoor games.

Tesco Easter outdoor games 1

Duck Duck Goose (wet or dry)

Everyone sits in a circle and one person stands up and walks around the circle. They tip a random person on the shoulder and say “Duck” . They go around the circle again and designate a second person to be a Duck, then on the last lap they tip someone on the shoulder and say “Goose”. The Chooser runs and the Goose stands up and chases him. If the Chooser beats the Goose back to his empty place in the circle, he gets to sit down and now it’s the Goose's turn to play the game.

On a hot day, the Chooser has a plastic cup of water and drips a tiny bit of water on the Ducks and empties the whole lot on the Goose.


Everyone stands in a circle and takes turns to throw a football to each other. If you drop the ball you now have the first letter ‘D’. A second drop gets you ‘O’. You may need to improve your catching skills because once you spell 'Donkey', you’re out!

Giant pairs

This version of the classic card game 'pairs' involves you and your family making homemade cards to turn over. First get 12 x A4 sheets of paper and some poster paint (6 colours). Next make a hand print on two pages in a single colour. Repeat this until you end up with 6 pairs of handprints in different colours.

On sunny days with no wind, take your homemade cards to the park. Next shuffle them and put them face down on the ground, taking turns trying to match a pair. This game is great because you can make the cards on a rainy day and then save the game for when the sun shines.

What time is it Mr Wolf?

One person is ‘The Wolf’. He/she stands 10 feet away with their back to the other contestants who are lined up together facing forward (facing The Wolf’s back). The children in a line ask “What time is it Mr Wolf?” The Wolf can reply any hour between 1 o'clock and 12 o'clock in an attempt to invite the others to walk forward. If The Wolf says 10 o'clock for example the other children walk ten steps towards him. The children can take small steps or big steps if they prefer. If The Wolf responds with “Dinner Time” when asked about the time, The Wolf turns and chases the now running children. Whoever is caught first is The Wolf in the next round. 

Indoor games

Everyone knows Pictionary, pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey, so here’s a few indoor games that your kids might never have heard of and will be willing to try.


 Tesco Easter Fun Indoor Games

Bean bag toss

Get a bucket and place it in the corner of the room. Move back from the bucket and put some string in a semi-circular shape and tape it down. Move back two feet and do the same again. Repeat this until you have the bucket and several ‘zones’ in a rainbow shape.

Your players will take turns throwing the bean bags at the bucket and will score 10 points for getting it in the bucket, 8 points for getting it in the zone nearest the bucket, 6 points if it lands in the next zone and so on. Keep a tally of points over 3 rounds to pick a winner.     

Famous people bingo

Get as many old soap or gossip magazines as you can and cut out the heads of the people who appear the most. You’ll need three ‘cut outs’ of each celebrity you want to use — one for the bingo bowl, and one or two more for the bingo cards.

One bingo card might have George Clooney, Ronan Keating and Taylor Swift on it. Another might include Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lawrence and Harry Styles. When mum or dad pulls a celebrity from the bowl the kids check them off with a marker until someone has a full house and shouts “BINGO”.

Keep the balloons bouncing

Blow up a load of regular party balloons (with regular air, not helium). Throw them up in the air and your young contestants have to try and keep as many of them up as they can at the same time. When all the balloons hit the floor, simply start again.

The floor is lava

This game has brought on the giggles for generations. Remove the big sofa cushions from the couches and line them up in a path in the middle of the floor. Put any smaller cushions you have along the sides of the larger ones.

Make sure to move any tables or furniture with hard edges out of the way. Two children can have a go at a time.

Starting from opposite ends of the cushions the two players have to try and pass each other in the middle without stepping onto the floor (because the floor is lava!).

Only play this game under adult supervision and in a room with lots of space and comfy cushions!

Story circle

This one is easy as can be and is suitable for indoors or outdoors. Everyone sits in a circle and someone starts the first sentence of a story. The person on the left says the next line of the story and so on and so on. See how long you can keep it going for, only stopping when someone hesitates or says “eh??”

You can make it trickier by making it a rule that you can’t say certain words or phrases. 


Essential games supplies

It’s handy to have some of these items on hand when putting together your activities list.


art supplies


  • Poster paint
  • Paper
  • Child-friendly scissors
  • Pritt Stick
  • String
  • Sticky tape
  • Balloons
  • A football
  • Tennis balls   


Tesco Easter games indoor and outdoor