7 Easy Recipes to Cook with Your Kids This Easter

Get cooking this Easter with these easy recipes that are perfect for preparing with your kids. Whether they're budding chefs or new to the kitchen, your children will love getting involved in the kitchen.

mini animal pizzas

1. Perfect Puff Pies

For an easy dinner idea, try making these tasty chicken puff pies. Children can help cut the broccoli into ‘mini trees’, and will love putting the ‘lids’ on top of the pies.

Easy Peasy Chicken Pie

2. Budding TV Chefs 

Make cooking even more fun by creating your own cooking show! Choose a simple recipe, like these tasty tuna tarts, and film the cooking process on your mobile phone or tablet, letting your children act as the hosts.

Tuna Tarts

3. Get Creative 

Kids will have fun helping to assemble these cute animal-shaped pizzas, and you'll love the fact that they're healthy too. Once you’ve prepared the muffins and tomato sauce, let the kids decorate their own mini pizzas. They can choose from an owl, cat, rabbit or dog – or create their own characters!


4. Vibrant Veg 

If your kids generally turn their noses up at the idea of ‘boring’ salads, get them involved in the preparations by creating a DIY salad buffet. Lay out a variety of bright, colourful veg and let the kids choose whichever ingredients they want to add. 

kids making veg salad

5. Stir It Up 

Cornflake cakes are a classic, and children will adore this tasty, no-cook baking recipe. They can help to pour the melted chocolate mixture onto the cornflakes, and will have fun decorating the cakes with hundreds and thousands. Top tip – if you’re cooking with younger children, use a larger than needed mixing bowl to prevent mess!

Easter Treats

6. Say Cheese 

Get younger kids (aged 7 and up) involved in grating, stirring and cracking eggs with these delightfully cheesy courgette muffins. Fun to make, and even more fun to eat!

Courg Muffins

7. DIY Pizza 

For older kids (aged 10 and above) who have mastered the cooking basics, try giving them a project that they can really get stuck into. This simple recipe will see them creating their own pizza dough from scratch, proving the dough, baking, and then topping with whatever vegetables they like.

Large Pizza