About Staying Down prices

Have you seen the Staying Down symbol on our products in-store or online and wondered what it means for you?

Staying Down prices        

Staying Down is our commitment to you that we will provide great value, stable prices on the lines that matter most to you across our whole range. 

It’s our guarantee that the price of products in our Staying Down campaign will remain at that price for at least three months, giving you peace of mind that the price of your core shopping basket won’t vary too much from week to week. 

Where will I find Staying Down?

You’ll see the Staying Down symbol across hundreds of core lines in our Produce, Provisions, Frozen Foods, Bakery, Meat & Poultry, Grocery, Health & Beauty, Household and Wines & Spirits departments. Naturally, we’re doing our best to make sure as many as possible of the most popular day-to-day items such as bread, bananas, eggs, cheese, pasta sauce, cereals, rice and teabags are all included as part of Staying Down.

You can find these products by looking for the Staying Down ‘bubbles’ at the shelf edge in our stores or on Tesco.ie and be confident that you’re getting great and lasting value on the products that really matter.

You will also find Staying Down prices by clicking here.

How did it start?

We listened when you told us that you don't like prices constantly changing. Our solution is to guarantee that these Staying Down prices will be kept for at least 3 months, and longer where possible. What’s more, we’re making sure that our Staying Down products are the products you buy the most.

Of course as crops and seasons change, and time passes, some of these prices may need to change, but we’ll always honour our promise to keep a Staying Down price for at least 3 month and if after that we have to change the price, we promise we’ll continue to work our hardest to offer you the best value we can.