What else we're doing

We're committed to tackling food waste. We want to reduce food waste, not just in our own operations but also on farms, factories and at home.

leftover fruit and veg

Tackling food waste in our own operations

We try to minimise the surplus food in our distribution centres and in our stores; for example by moving food to the reduced-to-clear section when it’s close to expiring.

However, if food cannot be sold, we donate it to charities and community groups who help feed people in need.

  • Working in partnership with Irish social enterprise, FoodCloud, we aim to maximise the donation of surplus food to help those in need in communities across Ireland.

  • Each week we donate on average 40,000 meals to local groups, enabling them save money on their food bills that they can then reinvest to help even more individuals and families.

  • Since 2009, no food from Tesco has gone to landfill. When we don’t donate surplus food, we recover energy from food waste through anaerobic digestion.

Working with suppliers to tackle food waste

We work with our farmers, growers and suppliers to reduce waste where it occurs. We're committed to doing this through responsible food sourcing, broadening our specifications so that we can use more of the crop and more of the crop and better food processing.

Tackling food waste at home

A significant proportion of food waste occurs in the home. We’re striving to find ways to help customers reduce waste with initiatives from changing our promotions to making technological updates on our packaging.

  • Through improvements made to the packaging on our finest* steaks, we have prolonged the code life so it will last longer when purchased.

  • Since 2015 we have removed ‘buy one get one free’ promotions from fresh fruit and vegetables, focusing more on offering customers great value all year round. This is in addition to running fewer multi-buy promotions across fresh food categories.

  • To enable customers to shop for smaller portions, we have introduced smaller pack sizes on favourite customer items like spinach, carrots and potatoes.

Tackling food waste across retail

As a member of the Government’s Action Group on Food Waste in the Retail Sector, we play an important role in ensuring there is an ongoing dialogue about food waste across all retailers in Ireland by sharing best practice and ideas on working together to tackle the issue.

To learn more about our work with FoodCloud, click here. And if you know of any local causes that could benefit from our surplus food donations, please email foodwastemovement@tesco.ie