Understanding food waste

At Tesco we plan to combat food waste by donating surplus food to organisations and local causes in need. Here's how we plan to achieve this. 

We believe it's simply not right to allow good food to go to waste in our business when it could have been donated to those in need.

That’s why we’ve committed to ensuring that no food, which is suitable for human consumption will go to waste in our stores in Ireland by 2020.

It’s an ambitious target, but one we are committed to achieving.

To get there we’ll need a dual focus – minimising food surplus in our business and maximising the donation of any surplus food when we have it to give.

We have been on a journey since 2013 to maximise donations of surplus food from our stores and distribution centres and are currently working with over 260 local groups. To date we have donated over 4 million meals and we're not done yet.

Understanding food waste

What is food surplus?

Simply put, food surplus is unsold food including donations to charitable groups, any food we send to animal feed and any food we send to waste.

What is food waste?

Food waste is any unsold food that’s disposed of, or wasted and includes both food that is safe and not safe for human consumption. It excludes any food donated to charitable groups or food that we send to animal feed.

If you know of any local causes that could benefit from our surplus food donations, please email foodwastemovement@tesco.ie

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