FoodCloud's first national retail partner

Learn about Tesco's mission to fight food waste.

food cloud founding partners

We are proud to be FoodCloud's first national retail partner, an Irish social enterprise which links businesses who have surplus food with those who need it most.

In 2013, FoodCloud founders Iseult Ward and Aoibheann O’Brien approached us with an innovative solution to tackling food waste at a retail level. They developed an app which allowed businesses to donate any surplus food they had to local groups and organisations.

Seeing the potential to make a real difference, we trialled the concept in our Tesco Express store on Talbot Street in Dublin, and following on from its success, we rolled out a pilot programme in 18 stores in late 2013.

Learning as we implemented the programme, we built relationships with local charitable organisations and understood how we could work in more efficient ways to support them, such as partnering with groups who needed volunteers or offering transport services.

Using this insight, we worked with FoodCloud to roll out the Food Rescue Project which links corporate volunteers together to collect and deliver food directly to groups who need it most in Dublin and Cork.

In July 2014, we were proud to announce our intention to roll out a surplus food donations programme across our stores nationwide in partnership with FoodCloud, becoming the first retailer in Ireland to do so.

To date we have donated over 6 million meals through this partnership, working with over 300 local groups including family resource centres, soup kitchens, children’s breakfast clubs, elderly support groups and more.

We also saw the potential in FoodCloud’s Food Bank model and supported the setup of their locations in Cork, Galway and Dublin.

Each week we donate any large amount of food surplus from our distribution centres in Dublin to these food banks, ensuring we have a complete donations programme across our stores and depots.

If you know of any local causes that could benefit from our surplus food donations, please email