8 Back to School Organising Tips

8 essential tips to help you and your children stay organised at back to school time. Read through the list to get some inspiration on night before preparations and the morning rush.

Back to School tips

1. Make a Checklist Station

Near the front door of your house, have a small storage container under a coat hook for each child where they can get everything they need for the day on the way out the door in the morning. When they come back in the door they can put empty lunchboxes, notes from the school, PE gear all in one place. This makes things easier for students and parents.

2. Emergency Bag Dispenser

There’s nothing that slows down the school run more than that last minute dash back in through the front door. Having a handy supply of plastic bags in the porch and the car makes it easier to keep those art projects dry from the rain, and you can also grab those football kits that aren’t quite clean without dirtying any school bags!

3. The Wardrobe Chair

Lay your child’s uniform out on a chair in the evening with shirt, jumper, trousers, socks and underwear all ready to go. It might look like the invisible man is sitting down, but it’s a great way to know you haven’t forgotten any of the uniform.

4. Turn out Your Pockets!

Keep those pieces of lint, tissue and tinfoil out of the washing machine simply by reminding your child to empty their pockets before they get changed out of their uniform. 

5. Kitchen Wall Planner

Keep a day planner on the kitchen wall that lists all the children’s play dates, after school activities and days that someone else is organising a pickup. This can come in handy as a visual guide if parents are swapping different duties on the weekly routine. Look out for free planners in newspapers or make your own one with the kids for a rainy day activity.

6. Stay Charged

It’s not just about having the correct pen and paper any more, you need to think digital! Have a multi socket strip labelled for iPads, phones or any other device your child needs visible in the kitchen or living room. Do a quick check before bedtime to see that everything is good to go for the next day.

7. Tag the Bag

As kids can get obsessed with the latest trendy school bag, there’s always a risk that your child might take home the wrong one. A simple luggage label is your best friend here. You might need to make sure you make it look as cool as the bag!

8. Keep Homework Organised

Get some paper folders for your child, one for each subject, for copies, pencils, worksheets and anything else they might need. This will stop homework getting mixed up or forgotten and can help keep things tidy in the schoolbag.