Community Fund

About Community FUnd

About Community Fund

Every time you shop at Tesco you’re doing your part to help thousands of local causes across the country. Since starting our community fund last year, the Tesco Community Fund has been able to donate over €1.5 million to 5000 of these deserving causes, thanks to you.

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Lots of well wishes from Leinster

The causes supported by the Tesco Community Fund come in all shapes and sizes and some of these groups in Leinster, which we are about to show you, are certainly a testament to that. From scouts, to therapeutic horse riding, to powerchair soccer, your blue tokens are doing great work in the East of the country.

Tesco Community Fund Ceol agus craic in Connacht

Ceol agus Craic in Connacht

Thanks to your support of the Tesco Community Fund, we’ll be able to bring you updates on some more of the causes you’ve been supporting in the West since the fund started. We loved hearing back from one of the beneficiaries, Murrisk National School that used their proceeds from the blue tokens to bring some ceol into the classroom.

Tesco Community Fund: Unbelievable support in Ulster

Unbelievable support in Ulster

Also, the wide range of causes that we support with your help proves that community means something different to everyone. In Ulster, one of your favourite causes is a family resource centre that offers support services, classes or even just a friendly chat.

Tesco Community Fund

Kind mentions from Munster

Don’t forget you can nominate any local cause that’s near and dear to your heart, in the hope that they will benefit from the Tesco Community Fund. Some of the beneficiaries in Munster have included marine rescue, transport shuttles to health services and even a donkey sanctuary.